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Alla tiders Karlsson movie poster 1936 Sigurd Wallén Gösta Rodin

Alla tiders Karlsson 1936 movie poster Sigurd Wallén Sture Lagerwall Annalisa Ericson Gösta Rodin Writer: Kar de Mumma Eric Rohman art

Alla tiders Karlsson (1936)

Movie poster 70x100cm new condition NM original


Gösta Rodin


Sigurd Wallén Sture Lagerwall Annalisa Ericson




Kar de Mumma



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1949Try it framed!

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Eric Rohman art Swedish films1936
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Vintage poster from a movie theater 1949. Rare, only a few were saved. Great quality in paper and colors, nice to frame on your wall. We sell original posters and movie photos since 1999 from the archives of a Swedish film distributor. A nice gift!
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